The resolution of all payroll tax issues for a San Diego business

In addition to offering comprehensive individual tax solution services, Tax Settlement Center provides representation and guidance to help San Diego businesses restructure and resolve payroll tax issues that can threaten economic survival if left unresolved.

The IRS perspective on past due payroll taxes

The IRS handles delinquent payroll taxes with severity. The money collected from employees is strictly designated for federal authorities and must be clearly accounted for. When payroll taxes are past due, companies can be subject to government evaluation of their assets in order to negotiate the debt. Combined with other economic factors, San Diego businesses with payroll tax issues may be required to reimburse a complex series of tax penalties best handled by experts who can expedite the resolution of tax files.

Payroll tax issues can place your business at risk

Resolving your tax payroll issues involves more than simply negotiating with the IRS. Tax Settlement Center assists San Diego businesses in understanding their responsibilities as well as their rights, when settling tax debt due to payroll inconsistencies that threaten the sustainability of a small business or a big corporation.

To negotiate equitable settlements for payroll tax issues and effectively restructure tax management systems to protect your business, contact Tax Settlement Center for a free consultation.